Stand Alone Or Continuous Health & Safety Training?

You can buy our Health & Safety e-Learning modules individually as bite sized chunks of training or as part of a comprehensive course. Alternatively you can sign up for our pay monthly Continuous Health And Safety Education system or CHASE.

Continuous Health And Safety Education (CHASE)

"Directors and managers can be held personally responsible for failures to control health and safety. Can you afford such failures? Do you really manage health and safety?" Source: HSE Leaflet, INDG275

We know how much you value the health and safety of your staff, and that you understand your legal obligations to provide adequate health and safety training for them. That's why we created CHASE, our Continuous Health And Safety Education system.

  • 25 Health & Safety Modules and Counting
  • Tailored To Your Business
  • Continuous Staff Development
  • Web Based
  • Scalable

"Every working day in Great Britain at least one person is killed and over 6000 are injured at work. Every year three-quarters of a million people take time off work because of what they regard as work-related illness. About 30 million work days are lost as a result." Source: HSE Leaflet, INDG275

CHASE, from E-Learning Safety Training Ltd, is a complete Health and Safety Training Management System. It provides all your employees with comprehensive Health and Safety training and ensures you, as an employer, fulfil your legal obligations to provide all your staff with Health and Safety awareness.

"HSE studies have found that uninsured costs outweigh those covered by insurance policies. In a wide range of business sizes and activities, the total uninsured losses from day-to-day accidents ranged from twice up to 36 times the total paid in insurance premiums in the same year; the average was around ten times the amount paid in premiums." Source: HSE Leaflet, INDG275

Health and Safety should be at the heart of any business, but it's often something that's used as part of an induction process then forgotten. Our web based Continuous Health And Safety Education (CHASE) makes sure Health and Safety becomes part of the DNA of your business, part of who your business is, and how your business conducts itself.

In our view this makes sense not just because EVERY business has a legal obligation to provide Health and Safety training, but because a safer workforce is a more profitable workforce. Safe employees are productive employees and they'll know you care about their well being when you use CHASE.


Making sure you fulfil your legal obligation to provide your staff with Health And Safety Training can seem like a daunting task. Increasingly, proving you have a system is a pre-requisite in invitation to tender documents and being blunt, having a safety aware workforce just makes sense.

Of course, accidents happen, and if you are investigated following an accident the first thing you will be asked for is proof you provided your workforce with safety training. Are you covered?

Specifically our web based system provides:

  • 25 Safety Training Modules (Module List)
  • Web Based Delivery
  • Train Staff Anywhere, Anytime
  • Full Management Progress and Competency Reporting

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